Ruins of the lower church in Anakopya fortress

Located on the slope of the Anakopya Mountain between the walls of the citadel and the 2nd defensive wall of the Anakopya Fortress, it was investigated by famous Abkhazian archaeologist Mikhail Trapsh in 1957-1958.

This is a small church with a semicircular apse and it has got one entrance on the west side. The total size of the church is 9.2 × 4.5 m. The historian and archaeologist Yuri Voronov thinks the church dated back to ѴІІ-ѴІІІ centuries but Mikhail Trapsh considers it was built in Х-ХІ centuries.

Russian researchers Andrey Vinogradov and Denis Beletsky think the church was founded in X century.