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Certificate (characteristic) of David Kardava (1908)

Document from the personal archive of Academician Georgy Dzidzaria (1914-1988). Donated to the Church-Archaeological Museum of HMA by Astamur Dzidzaria on 22 September, 2020.

Certificate No. 65

This was given to a disciple of the Four Saints School, at the Moscow Diocesan Candle Factory, David Kardava, to be provided with a certificate that he was D. Kardava, an orphan who lost his father and was adopted for the purpose of education.

Noting his excellent abilities with a sincere desire to continue his education, however, it is completely impossible because of his poverty and the school he studied in does not have a hostel. The council of the one-class Four Saints School decided that the student D. Kardava was transferred to the 3rd department, having excellent marks (with the exception of Russian writing) in all school subjects with excellent behavior and religious attitude.

Head priest Vasily Voskresensky.
Senior teacher Sergey Kanardov.

25 June, 1908.

On print:

The Four Saints School at the Moscow Diocesan Candle Factory. Moscow, German street, Poslannikov lane.