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Archimandrite Dorotheos (Dbar). ANOTHER SUMMON TO THE CHURCH COURT


Archimandrite Dorotheos (Dbar)



Yesterday, on 27 July 2022, I received a registered letter: It is another summon to the Church Court of the Maikop and Adyghe Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (see the text of the letter below). I received the previous summon in March 2021. And this time, as in the last one, of course, I am not going anywhere. I don’t care about the consequences, as a truly believer or as a person who trusts himself to God. Once again, I want to remind everyone who is “concerned” about my canonical status that I do not compromise my conscience depending on a change in circumstances!

I have never allowed myself and will not allow for my own sake or for the church career ambitions, or for any material benefits, to “trade” the interests of the Church of Christ in Abkhazia and the God-given homeland of Apsny, unfortunately, as many people do in our time.

Sub specie aeternitatis – from this point of view one must look at life, otherwise the current reality turns a person, including a church person, into a weak and faceless creature.

Our compatriot Fazil Iskander wrote: “Life is God’s homework given to a human. Isn’t it strange that many people are waiting for God to do this task for them. But if suddenly life on Earth ends in a catastrophe, will we not hear an otherworldly voice: “Where were the efforts of your personal conscience?”

Sometimes evil walks on tiptoe, like a thief in a house at night, not to wake our dormant conscience. This is a delicacy of evil.

But if everything is so tragic, then what is humor? Consolation for human beings or a hint that good will win? Humor is the best way to lure a person out of the sin of despondency. It would be nice for us to greet each other like this: “Cheerful conscience to you, friends!”

New Athos,

28 July 2022.