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«Abkhazian Old Men» – an album of seventeen drawings by artist P. A. Odynts

From 1928 to 1930 a prominent teacher, local scholar Simon Basaria (1884-1941) made ethnographic expeditions to villages in order to collect information on rare cases of longevity in Abkhazia. He was accompanied by an artist, local historian P. A. Odynets, who made 17 drawings. Some of those drawings were first published as illustrations to S. Basaria’s article “Rare cases of longevity in Abkhazia”, published in 1934 in the second edition of works of Abkhazian Research Institute of Local History (AbNIIK).
Seventeen drawings of P. A. Odynets, which stored in the personal archive of Doctor of Philology Khukhut Solomonovich Bgazhba (1914-2000), were acquired by the New Athos Spiritual School in 2005.
In the drawings there are edits made with a fountain pen. The corrections were obviously made by Kh. S. Bgazhba. Currently, originals of the drawings and the album of P.A. Odynets are kept in the Church-Archaeological Museum of the Holy Metropolis of Abkhazia.
In the pictures depict:
1. Djydzh (Nikolay) Shapkovsky, 150 years old.
2. Majagua Adleiba, Chlou, 145 years old.
3. Khapara Kiut, Kyndyg, 143 years old.
4. Jaat Nachkebia, Pacuash, 142 years old.
5. Rajab Khakhubia, Naa (Abkhazian), 122 years old.
6. Gwada Shamugia, Acapa, 96 years old.
7. Eckub Shoua, Jgyarda (Akhutsa), 118 years old.
8. Hook Shoua, a wife of Eckub Shoua. Jgarda (Akhutsa), 95 years old.
9. Saat-Giray Amichba, Jgyarda (Bakykan), 100 years old.
10. Reshit Amichba, Jgyarda (Makesto), 98 years old.
11. Sakut Kishmariya, Reka, 95 years.
12. Nou Kharandzia, p. Chkhuartal, 80 years old.
13. Machkuk Adleiba, an Abkhazian violinist, Chlou.
14. Gid Logua, Reka, 90 years.
15. Lagustan Matua, an Abkhazian singer, Jgarda.
16. Khabyj Ashuba, Jgyarda, 85 years old.
17. Mustaf Agumaa, Byrdja, 95 years old.