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Expedition to Anykhamtsa Mountain near New Athos

An expedition to the Anykhamatsa mountain (approx. 240 m above sea level) near New Athos took place on 20 December 2019. In the expedition took part: Archimandrite Dorotheos (Dbar), Igor Tsvinaria (head of the archeology department of Abkhazian Institute of Humanitarian Studies named after G. Gulia), Alkhas Argun (head of the Anakopia National New Athos Historical and Cultural Reserve) and Georgy Zakhartsev (photographer).

The purpose of the expedition was an attempt to find the ruins of a Christian temple, mentioned in various descriptions of the half of XX century. Unfortunately, due to the abundant wild vegetation, the ruins of the temple could not be found.

During the expedition, traces of presumably ancient settlements were discovered on the southern slope of Anykhamtsa Mountain. In addition, Alkhas Argun pointed to the ruins of probably another unidentified church, however there are no descriptions or mention of it in sources. All of these objects were marked on the global maps (GPS GLONASS) and photographed.