Orthodoxy in Abkhazia

Abkhazia is among the first countries where Christianity was spread. In the 1st century A.D. Saint Andrew, Simon the Canaanite and Apostle Matthew arrived in Abkhazia to preach Christianity. It was over two thousand years that Christianity faced many enemies. The followers of Christianity were persecuted in the days of the Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire and Soviet Union. However, the only religion which survived in the Caucasus was Christianity. The first church community was created in Pitiunt in the 4th century A.D. (modern-day Pitsunda). The most ancient Christian churches are located in Pitsunda. On the territory of Abkhazia there are temples which never interrupted worship, even in the most difficult of times. One such temple is located in the village of Ilor. The worship was served even during the Soviet Period. The temple at Ilor is one of the most popular temples visiting by tourists among the current churches in Abkhazia. In the village of Likhny, there is also a temple of Saint Mary. It is the only temple on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus which was able to preserve its original appearance. The roof of the temple was made of tile. Such sacred places like the Cathedral of the Saint and Apostle Andrew in Pitsunda, the temple of Saint Mary in Mokva and the cathedral of St. Panteleimon in New Athos, are all examples of Christian architecture in Abkhazia. Valuable relics and monuments were kept in many temples. There’s an ancient golden bowl dated back to 990 in the Bedia temple. It’s decorated with figures of the Savior, Saint Mary and the Apostles. In the 19th century, the monastery was built in New Athos. It’s famous not only in Abkhazia, but also far beyond its borders. One hundred and sixty temples were built in Abkhazia. Nowadays, parishioners can attend 16 current temples. The history of Christian monuments, temples, cathedrals, monasteries and descriptions of the lives of the Saints can be found on our website. Articles, illustrated with pictures, written on the base of the Holy Metropolis of Abkhazia.

Тропарь и кондак св. Василия Великого на абхазском языке

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Priest Nikolay Ladaria

The Church of St. George (Ayerg-nykha) in the village of Paquash (1890)

The Church of St. George (Ayerg-nykha) in the village of Paquash,Ochamchyra district, Eastern Abkhazia.
Photos by Georgy Zakhartsev.
The coordinates of the church: 42°48’12.8″ North latitude, 41°34’43.05″ Eastern longitude:


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Troparion and Kontakion for the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Abkhaz

Иаса Қьырса иҽеиҭакра агәалашәара иазку амшныҳәа
(Нанҳәа 6/19)

Аушьҭыгатә тропарион
Ашьхаҿы уҽеиҭаукит Қьырса Анцәа,
уҵаҩцәагьы улыԥха дурбеит, абара ахьынӡарылшоз.
Ҳаргьы, гәнаҳазмоу, иҳазкаԥхааит Улашара, наунагӡа иҟоу,
Нцәадзыхшаз лныҳәаԥхьыӡла;
Алашараҭаҩ, иумаз ахьӡ-аԥша!
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Troparion and Kontakion for the Easter in Abkhaz

Иаса Қьырса аԥсцәа рахьтә игылара амшныҳәа иазку атропарион.
5-тәи абжьы.
Қьырса дгылт аԥсцәа рахьтә,
аԥсрала аԥсра даӷрагылеит,
адамра иҭақәазгьы
аԥсҭазаара ранеишьеит.
Акондакион, 8-тәи…

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Priest of the Kaldakhuara Church Trofim Meladze

Priest of the Kaldakhuara Church Trofim Meladze. Photo, 12 × 7.5 cm. Trofim Meladze lived in the village of Kaldakhuara and served as a psalmist in the neighboring village of…

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«The Trisagion prayer» 50th and 90th Psalms in Abkhaz

 Хынтә Ацқьа — Жәҩан иҟоу ҳ-Аб

Ахьӡ-аԥша умаз Уара ҳ-Анцәа, ахьӡ-аԥша умаз Уара.
Аԥсы Цқьа иахь аныҳәаԥхьыӡ
Жәҩан Аҳ, Адгылаҩ, Аҵабырг Аԥсы, зехьынџьара иҟоуи зыла…

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Priest of the Tkvarchal church Samson Minaya (1889-1926)

According to information provided by Svetlana Shankaya, Samson Minaya was a serving priest of an Orthodox church located in the town of Tkvarchal. He was born in a large family…

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Church of Transfiguration in Mikhailovskoe cemetery.

The exact date of the Church construction is unknown.
Probably the Church Of Transfiguration existed in the village of Mikhailovka (Guma) in the beginning of XXth century.
However, nobody knows where the church was precisely located. It is possible that…

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Ақьырсианцәа рхаҵара дырга

Иаса Қьырса аԥсцәа рахьтә игылара амшныҳәа иазку атропарион
Қьырса дгылт аԥсцәа рахьтә, / аԥсрала аԥсра даӷрагылеит, / адамра иҭақәазгьы / аԥсҭазаара ранеишьеит.
Хынтә Ацқьа
Ацқьа Анцәа, ацқьа Зымчдуу, ацқьа Ԥсразқәым, ҳрыцҳашьа ҳара ( read more......