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Priest of the Tkvarchal church Samson Minaya (1889-1926)

According to information provided by Svetlana Shankaya, Samson Minaya was a serving priest of an Orthodox church located in the town of Tkvarchal. He was born in a large family of Tsarkut Minaya in 1889. Representatives of the family name Minaya lived in the village of Aapsta (in a modern-day Tkvarchal district).
The priest Samson Minaya finished the Kutaisi Theological Seminary. He was married to Catherine Gabnia and lived with his wife in the parish house of the Tkvarchal church. Fr. Samson and Catherine Gabnia had three daughters: Agrafena, Lina and Lydia.
In 1926 Fr. Samson went to seek a medicine for his youngest daughter, but passing the river on horseback, he caught a cold and soon died at the age of 37. He was buried in the courtyard of the Tkvarchal church.
Currently testimonies or documents about the existence of the priest Samson Minaya have not been found. There is a picture of Samson Minaya, the photo was apparently made when fr. Samson studied at the Kutaisi Theological Seminary.