Priest Joseph Lakrba

(Dates of birth and death unknown) Joseph Lakrba was a nobleman, priest. He finished the Stavropol Theological Seminary (1887), worked as a teacher in the Sukhum School. Joseph Lakrba taught his pupils only in the Abkhaz language. He was ordained a monk in the Likhny Parish (02/10/1888) and served there. Farther Joseph was a member of the Sukhum Diocesan Church fellowship (1888), an assistant of dean of the Gudauta churches (07.07.1907), then he became a dean of the Gudauta churches (1909), a priest of the Bombora church (03/07/1914). Together with Archpriest Dimitry Maan and priest Nicholay Pateypa translated the Liturgical Gospel, the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, prayer-book and other church literature. In November 1907 the first Divine service in the Abkhazian language was conducted in the Likhny temple, then the similar Church service was held in the Mokva Cathedral (13/11/1907). In 1914 the Bishop of Sukhum Andrey gave a gift – an icon of the Mother of God to the Likhny Church of the Dormition of Theotokos with inscription in the Abkhaz language. This icon is a copy of the icon of the Seraphim Pontaevsky Monastery, Nizhny Novgorod. On that occasion, the procession was arranged on November 23, 1914. The gilded image of Theotokos , accompanied by priest Joseph Lakrba with Abkhazian choir singing was moved from the town of Gudauta in the Assumption Cathedral, the village of Likhny . Nowadays the icon is there.