On 24 September, 2018, an expedition consisting of Archimandrite Dorotheos (Dbar), Ruslan Pandaria, Alkhas Argun and Mark Trapsh visited the top of Mount Aquy (Mount Athos), located at an altitude of 506 meters above the Black sea level.

The purpose of the expedition was to establish the location of the ruins of an ancient Christian church on Mount Aquy. The church is located on Mount Aquy . 1 hour walk from the beginning of the Orlinoye Gnezdo Street in New Athos. The ruins of the church were discovered and identified by artists, local historians Givi Smyr and Ruslan Pandaria in the 2nd half of ХХ century. Unfortunately, there haven’t been found any historical information or reports on the church for the recent time.

The search for the location of the church’s ruins was much complicated by the presence of wild forest vegetation. The only resident of Mount Aquy – Vyacheslav Smyr helped to establish the location of the ruins.

During the expedition, a preliminary clearing of the ruins from the vegetation for measurements and photo-video shooting of the church was held. The measurement of the church was made by Alkhas Argun.

Members of the expedition visited the monastic buildings dated back to the late XIX – early XX centuries on Mount Aquy.

Coordinates of the church: 43 ° 6′8 ″ North latitude 40 ° 49′23 ″ ″ Eastern longitude