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3 rare books donated to the Church-Archaeological Office

On 19 May 2019, G. N. Ryzhenkova donated 3 books to the Church-Archaeological Office of Archimandrite Dorotheos (Dbar):

1. Ign. Stelletsky, an archaeologist. The forgotten Caucasus. Moscow – Leningrad: “Physical Education and Tourism”, 1931. – 104 p. (Issue: Library of the Proletarian Tourist). PDF ⮷

2. Union of Soviet Writers of Abkhazia. The birth of a song. Sukhum: AbGIZ, 1936. – 86 p. Collection of poems. Authors: N. Streletsky, N. Danilevskaya, V. Volin, V. Koltukhov, N. Krinitsyn. Ed. ed. A. Fadeev. The book contains a translation from the Abkhaz language of an excerpt from the poem by L. Labakhua “The Voice of Tkvarchel”. Cover Design: Art. G. Gulia. Circulation: 3100. PDF ⮷

3. Marietta Shaginyan. Soviet Transcaucasia. Essays, 1930. Leningrad – Moscow: State Fiction Publishing House, 1931. – 680 p. Circulation: 5000. PDF ⮷