Skete of St. John the Baptist: Progress Report 2019

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From 31 July to 6 September, 2019 (38 days) conservation of the roof and restoration of the dome were being held in the Skete of St. John the Baptist, Ankhua village, Gudauta district:

1.Scaffolding was erected (20 m³ of lumber was spent);
2. A special roof was erected above the dome of the skete;
3. The roof of the fraternal wing of the skete has been completely renovated;
4. The drum of the dome has been strengthened (the original brickwork and metal supporting structures were retained);
5. A reinforcement mesh was installed on the outer wall of the dome drum, the dome drum was plastered with concrete mix;
6. 8 original metal window frames were cleaned;
8. The cornice of the dome drum have been restored, based on the fragmentary preserved original cornice;
9. The concrete dome is filled with special means to increase moisture resistance and preserved fragments of the original liquid rubber.
10. Prepared a full-scale model of the cross for the dome on the design of a stone cross from the western facade of the skete;
11. The original metal base of the cross on the dome of the church was restored (it is planned to make and install a cross of white marble)
12. The drum and dome of the church were supplied with a hidden electrical wiring for illumination of the decoration of the drum, dome and cross;
13. A plumbing was built. Water comes from a nearby spring to the skete of St. John the Baptist.

The work was carried out by the staff of the economic department of the Holy Metropolis of Abkhazia, consisting of 7 people. The work was carried out at the expense of charitable fundraising for the restoration of the skete of St. John the Baptist and the foundation of a rehabilitation center for drug addicts.

In 2017, it was raised: 144 056 ₽. In 2018 – 253,246 ₽. In 2019 (September) – 567 943 ₽. In total, for 3 years it was raised 965,245₽. Expenses in 2019 amounted to 902,217₽.

Everyone who wishes to take part in the restoration of the skete of St. John the Baptist and the foundation of a rehabilitation center for drug addicts can make a charity donation. Bank details:

Religious Christian organization – “The Holy Metropolis of Abkhazia” (fundraising for the restoration of the skete).
Bank account No. 40703810500001000173
ITN 12003579
IEC 311000179
Payer: Garant-Bank, Sukhum, Pushkin Street 21
BIC 224100002
Bank account No. 30101810400000000002