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Chairman of the Council of HMA took part in a meeting with the Vice President of Abkhazia

On 18 December 2020, the Vice-President of the Republic of Abkhazia Badra Gunba held a meeting with the participation of the Speaker of the People’s Assembly Valery Kvarchia, President of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia Zurab Dzhapua, Director of Abkhazian Institute for Humanitarian Studies Arda Ashuba, Secretary of the Сivic Chamber Guli Kichba, famous historians Alexey Papaskir, Guram Gunba, Archimandrite Dorotheos (Dbar), Naala Kaslandzia and Aslan Avidzba.

The reason for the meeting was a letter from the Secretary of the Civic Chamber to the President of Abkhazia with a request to support the idea of the poet, public figure Denis Chachkhaliya, who came up with the initiative to approve the year 780 AD. officially as the beginning of the Abkhazian statehood and annually celebrate this date. The author of the idea, who participated in the meeting through video communication, declares that in 780, under the rule of Abkhazian king Leon II, Byzantium and Khazaria recognized the Abkhazian kingdom as a subject of international law.

Vice President Badra Gunba invited historians to express their views on the initiative. A lively discussion took place. The speaker of the parliament, historian Valeriy Kvarchia said that such initiatives should first be discussed among historians and then presented to the public. This opinion is shared by the president of the Academy of Sciences Zurab Dzhapua. According to the scientists who attended the meeting, there are other documents which indicate an earlier period of the emergence of the Abkhazian statehood. At the same time, it was noted that in the historical science the words state and statehood have slightly different meanings.

The Vice President thanked the participants of the meeting for the active discussion of the proposed topic. At the same time, Badra Gunba said that this issue needs to be discussed in a larger group of historians. “Such decisions should not be made in a hurry, this issue should be studied properly and one need to take into consideration the opinions and arguments of historians. The decision that will be made must be supported by strong arguments and not raise doubts among the majority of experts,”said Badra Gunba. The Vice President suggested to hold a scientific conference in order to discuss this initiative.

Vice President Badra Gunba held a meeting to discuss the initiative of the Civic Chamber – Official site of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia