Pilgrimage to Pitsunda

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On 13 December 2018, on the day of memory of the Apostle Andrew, an annual pilgrimage trip of the New Athos Monastery’s parishioners and the staff of the Holy Metropolis of Abkhazia to the Patriarchal Cathedral took place in the city of Pitsunda.
In the cathedral, dedicated to the Apostle Andrew, Hierodeacon David (Sarsaniya) told about the preserved paintings inside the altar part and historical relics of the Abkhaz Catholicosate, which had been in the church.
Then molieben was served at the tomb of the Abkhaz Catholicosate in the western part of the patriarchal church.
On this solemn day for the pilgrims a festive meal was organized in the Apatskha (traditional cuisine) of the Tarkil family, who are parishioners of the New Athos Monastery.