Pocket reference book for 1901 of Orthodox clergy

This pocket reference book for 1901 of Orthodox clergy – 262 p. Donated to the Church-Archeological office of Archimandrite Dorotheos (Dbar) by Saida Sokratovna Alaniya (Inventory number 163).

This reference book is a church calendar with indication of holidays dates and evangelical-apostolic readings for the whole year. The alphabet of the names of the saints venerated by the Eastern Orthodox Church is given at the end of the book. The book also contains recommendations on sending letters by post office, tariffs for telegrams of internal correspondence, a schedule for the analysis of stamped paper, standards for measures and weights and monetary circulation in the Russian Empire. Recommendations for the first aid in case of accidents and infectious diseases are rather interesting. In addition, the book contains a program for teaching the Law of God in parish schools. There is an advertisement at the end of the book.