Photoalbum “New Athos Resort”

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1. View of the resort from the sea;
2. View of the resort from the lake in the park (you can see the building with a tiled roof, where currently a recreation center is located);
3. View from the Iverian (Anakopian) mountain;
4. One of the places of the seaside park;
5. Pavilion in the seaside park (in prerevolutionary time it was a place for the consecration of water);
6. View from the pier;
7. One of the places of the seaside park;
8. Pavilion of the railway station “Agaraky” (modern station “Psyrdzkha”);
9. View of the Iverian (Anakopian) mountain;
10. One of the places in the park (there is a monument to Lenin and Stalin in the background);
11. Cypress alley;
12. Sanatorium “Abkhazia”. І-st building;
13. Olive grove;
14. Sanatorium “Abkhazia”, physical training;
15. Dining room of the sanatorium “Abkhazia”.
16. The resort polyclinic;
17. Hydropathic institution;
18. Medical beach;
19. Medical beach. View from the sea;
20. The lobby of the hydropathic institution;
21. Medical beach;
22. Physiological room;
23. Recreation room at the hydropathic institution;
24. ENT doctor’s room;
25. Room of electrocardiography;
26. The X-ray room;
27. Inhalatorium;
28. Canteen of the boarding house of the resort polyclinic;
29. Charcot shower;
30. Rest house “Psyrtsлha” (the modern monastery of the Holy Apostle Simon the Canaanite);
31. Dining room of the rest house “Psyrtskha” (refectory of the monastery of St. Apostle Simon the Canaanite);
32. Fountain near the rest house “Psyrtskha”;
33. Dance floor of the rest house “Psyrtskha”;
34. Volleyball court;
35. Recreation room of “Psyrtskha”;
36. Rest house “Waterfall”. Іst building;
37. Library of the rest house “Vodopad”;
38. Canteen of the recreation center “Vodopad”;
39. Canteen of the rest house “Vodopad”. Internal view;
40. Recreation room of ” Vodopad”;
41. Upper waterfall in the gorge of the river Psyrdzkha;
42. Tents of tourist base;
43. Summer cinema;
44. Tents of boarding house “Kurortorg”;
45. On the beach.