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Clearing of the Little-Known Temple’s Ruins in Bzhylua (Ankhua)

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On 26 November 2018, the staff and parishioners of the Holy Metropolis of Abkhazia, led by Archimandrite Dorotheos (Dbar), cleared the ruins of the temple in the village of Bzhylua (Бжьылҩа), Ankhua.

Ruins of the temple are located on a plateau in the village of Bzhylua, Ankhua at an altitude of 350 m. above sea level.

The general dimension of the temple is 10 × 14 m (including the debris around the temple). Two fragments of the temple’s walls have only survived. The previously overgrown with forest vegetation ruins and fragments of the preserved walls became fully accessible after the clearance of the temple from overgrowths.

During the clearing, fragments of a red-clay tiled roof were found on the ground, 4 pieces of hewn limestone roof ridges, as well as a sample of facing limestone (31 × 52 cm).

There are other kinds of limestone debris at a distance of 10 m from the west side of the temple among the wild vegetation.

The first data on the ruins of this temple was given by V.P. Pachulia in 1962. According to Pachulia the temple dated back to the XI-XII centuries.