Priest of the Kaldakhuara Church Trofim Meladze

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Priest of the Kaldakhuara Church Trofim Meladze. Photo, 12 × 7.5 cm. Trofim Meladze lived in the village of Kaldakhuara and served as a psalmist in the neighboring village of Blabyrkhua in the church of St. George (Gudauta district). In 1899, his son was born, Meladze Alexander Trofimovich. The baby was baptized in the Blabyrkhua church by the priest Jonah Nachkebia. In the early of XX century he was ordained a priest and served in the Kaldakhuara church of St. George.
The name of Trofim Meladze is indicated in the lists of the Sukhum Eparchy’s clergy for 1911-1912. He was a member of the Diocesan Church Brotherhood of St. Alexander Nevsky at the Sukhum cathedral. Currently the descendants of the priest Trofim Meladze live in the village of Kaldakhuara.