Magazine of HMA “Alasharbaga” №3 (2016)

The third issue of magazine “Alasharbaga” presents various articles, notes, interviews and translations.
In the third issue there are translations of prayers and liturgical texts into Abkhazian, with Abkhazian church terminology, theological articles of Herman Marshania, archm. Dorotheos (Dbar), Arda Ashuba in the Abkhazian and Russian languages.
As well as one can read analytical articles, notes and researches in the following sections “Local history”, “Temples of Abkhazia”, “Clergy of Abkhazia”.
Another new section has appeared in the magazine – “Word to Parishioners. In this section parishioners of the New Athos Monastery tell about their experience of coming to Church.
Read the new materials in the traditional sections – Archival Materials, Funds of HMA Museum, Press Review and Chronicle of Events.
The magazine has been published in a color glossy design.
Circulation -3000 copies; 96 p.
Most of the circulation will be spread free of charge in all educational and other institutions of the Republic of Abkhazia.
One can buy the magazine “Alasharbaga” in the church shop of the New Athos Monastery and in the bookstores of Sukhum. For more information call: +7 (840) 245 8068
Address of the publishing office: The Republic of Abkhazia, New Athos, The Monastery of St. Apostle Simon the Canaanite
E-mail: [email protected]
Certificate of registration: No. 87 dated 01.04.2015.