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Appeal of the New Athos Monastery to the tourism organizations of Abkhazia


From year to year a significant problem has existed in relation to the historical and sacred places of our country, it is the state of tourists who attend the New Athos Monastery, bringing by tour operators.

As a rule, due to the limited time for an excursion tour around Abkhazia, they try to take tourists to all possible places, but they also do not forget about the “cultural” program with wine tasting in wine “markets” that are located along all routes.

Some tourists are eventually brought to New Athos being drunk and they visit the monastery and the New Athos cave. For many times, tourists felt bad in the church and in the monastery courtyard, which is usually either the result of food poisoning or intoxication. In this regard, we ask tourism organizations to be responsible and pay attention to the appearance and state of tourists they deliver to the holy place. Are there free sanitary facilities along the entire tour route where tourists could clean themselves up? Is it possible to ask tourists beforehand to take packages in case of food poisoning?

We also ask tour operators to inform tourists beforehand that climbing the wall in front of the monastery for taking pictures is impossible, because it may cause the destruction of a historical object and it is dangerous for them as well.

We ask the Ministry of Tourism and other organizations working in the field of tourism in Abkhazia to take into account all the above facts, so that the guests of our country will know how to behave in the sacred places of New Athos.
Hierarchy of the New Athos Monastery